“We’re not dating, but we’ve come to trust each other in such a way that when people look at us they think, ‘Oh, they’re so close. They must be a couple.’ But an intimate relationship doesn’t have to be sexual—he turns me on intellectually and we wholeheartedly enjoy each other’s company. We feel that we’re each other’s surrogate true loves.”
Anonymous: Why did they straighten your hair for the urban video? So disappointing your natural curls weren't featured

i straightened my hair. :) that hair style fit the theme “lost in a dream.” it’s a sweet. soft, and romantic hairstyle for me so i chose it. 

but don’t worry i will do more videos/ shoots with my fro. for sure!

Anonymous: I've been wondering, and I really hope this doesn't come off accusatory in any way because I really don't mean it like that, but how do you feel about the various times Urban Outfitters have stolen artwork, sold culturally appropriative merchandise, used insensitive/problematic language in product descriptions, etc.? Do you feel like doing business with them supports that behavior or do you find it unrelated/irrelevant to the work you're doing with them?

i’m glad you asked. :)

there are two different areas of urban outfitters: there’s the corporate people in headquarters and there’s the people like me, actually working in the stores day to day.

the people actually working in the stores are WAAYYYY different from corporate UO. we don’t control the things that corporate UO does, ya know? all of us are either gay, tatted up, with crazy hair colors and with liberal views. i am aware of the faults of the company (corporate uo) and their efforts to make profit. 

i’m not working with urban outfitters, i’m working with my coworkers lol. all of the projects you have seen me do with urban outfitters have nothing to do with corporate UO, it is honestly, just us retail associates getting together, dressing up, and making photo shoots/ videos on our own. we do this at our own free-will. we do all these amazing things in the HOPES that we get seen and admired by corporate. so yes, i believe it to be very unrelated.

we are retail workers, art students, creative masterminds, and college graduates just trying to earn a living.  we do not reflect those views.

styled head to toe in urban outfitters merchandise.
Anonymous: This may be a weird question, but what color should wear today?

white. :)

everyone is so into the whole “all black” thing, but not enough people appreciate the symbolism of white clothing. you will feel angelic.

buckywinchesterr: I see photos of you pop up on my dash every once in a while and I just want to congratulate you on your gorgeous face and incredible hair ok keep on doin what ur doin :>

<333333 thank you!!

Anonymous: your hair color is perfect and your eyeliner and eyebrow game is flawless, you're just really pretty overall <3

lol you’re the second person to ever compliment my eyebrows thank you!! i appreciate it.

Anonymous: Yo... You're really cute. Like whoa.

aww thank you! <3

soundsinspace: Thank you for being you girl! You actually get that we can ALL improve and if we all tried to improve ourselves there would be no room for hate or greed or ego because we would all be focusing on bettering ourselves and not competing for power or control.

okay, i had to share this because i appreciate you so much for acknowledging my efforts to heal within first and foremost. so thank you so much! <3

Anonymous: I like that you want to be positive and focus on unity. Are you going to just ignore all the injustice and pretend that it doesn't exist?

injustice can be healed by first healing the heart and the mind. injustice comes from feelings of hurt, anger, greed, ego, all of which can be healed and identified through an aware consciousness.

i had an epiphany last night. i feel like my purpose in the world is to grow as a spiritual woman.  through this growth, i must help humanity regain it’s compassion, love, and consciousness. 

and i feel like i can’t help bring humans closer together again if i am trying to divide them by feeding into the whole white people vs. black people thing. it just isn’t a way to live.

now i know from my own experiences that although, i won’t be feeding into this division, the society i live in does. and the society i live in won’t make this an easy task for me, but i will choose to take the higher route and see above division amongst people based on skin color or interests or background or color.